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The Simple Ayurveda Podcast

Jun 20, 2022

Join Angela and guest Nidhi Bhanshali Pandya in this episode: Agni + Intuition. In this conversation, Angela and Nidhi talk about agni and intuition, and Angela asks a bunch of nitty-gritty questions to gain better clarity on the topics discussed.

Learn more about:
• Nidhi's relationship with Ayurveda
• the importance of reconnecting with our innate intelligence and intuition
• what agni is and how to know if it's working well within your body
• an Ayurvedic perspective on cleansing and why it's not for everybody
• whether or not to eat fruit
• candida within the body

Nidhi is a NAMA-certified CAP, AAPNA practitioner based in New York City. She was indoctrinated into Ayurveda since her birth and has studied this highly nuanced and intuitive science of life (Ayurveda) extensively from Ancient Sanskrit Ayurveda Scriptures. It is her passion and vision to see a world where everyone is self-aware and is living intuitively with Mind-Body Balance. She also teaches the Ayurveda Module at various Yoga Training centers including the famous Talia Sutra's LAAIC training. She has many publications under her belt that have been featured on major news platforms. Nidhi is also on the Board of Advisors for several Ayurveda-based products in the market now (and upcoming products) including Inde Wild by Diipa Khosla Büller.

Nidhi works with many other High-end Ayurvedic brands around the world. She is currently working on two books and an Ayurveda-inspired method to intuitive wellness called The Inner Climate™ She also teaches courses on how to live and heal from the various modern-day health conditions for people from all walks of life on her own teaching platform at

And, in addition to all of this you can find her sharing actionable tips and secrets to living Ayurvedically on her Instagram - @my_ayurvedic_life

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